Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New work new life?

I started a new work from 16 April 2012.
Company: Ingram Mirco (IT industry again)
but the good new is im not doing sales role!!~
my position is  marketing assistant...!
Curious right!!sound like not related or suitable for me

Now already 4th day.
But i still havent learn a lot.Because of the system.sigh
I only can learn Adobe illustrator CS4 by myself. XD
Until now, i observed that this job just like admin??hahaha
i will updated after i really "touch" .

My manager quite a kind person.
but the problem i facing now is English.
My mother language not English, but my team are.
sometimes cant understand what they are talking about actually.
hahaha~but luckily i still can talk abit abit abit abit...><

New work not equal to new life.
I still remain the same finance problem
and transport problem
hope it can solve faster!

Now keep BLUR everyday...
brain is empty...duno wat im thinking
but i only know my action slower than before.
OLD jor!!!HOW come!!!

hope i can adapt it...
fast fast pass the probation period!!